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Telephone Consultation with Jean-Pierre


I will give you a practical, personalized, and inspiring consultation that will provide creative and effective solutions to your problems. I will answer all your questions in a simple, non-technical, and clear language. To ensure the wellness of your animal and to contribute to his fitness, I will outline various approaches you can take on the following holistic procedures:

  • Proper and simple massage to best meet the needs of your animal
  • Safe stretching exercises to assist good flexibility
  • Tips about Hydrotherapy (external water treatments utilizing both heat and cold) to maximize the benefits of your care
  • Suggestions for the therapeutic use of equipment, supplies, and other supportive devices to meet your animal’s special needs

Be ready to take notes. Be assured that I will work with you to reach your optimal goals according to your animal specific needs. You can always call back for follow-ups to continue improving your skills and ensuring a good healing process.

Take advantage of this opportunity by following three easy steps:

  1. Select Canine or Equine Buy Now Button below
  2. Pay for your consultation securely with PayPal
  3. Submit the Animal Profile Form (you may also include a Video Clip)

Following our telephone conversation, I will send you (fax or e-mail) a written home-care program that will include instructions on massage, stretching, hydrotherapy and other specific recommendation useful for your animal wellness.


Save time and money by filling out the animal profile form before we speak so I will be best prepared to talk about your animal. You know your animal best so the more detail the better picture I will have. Click on the appropriate button to select the animal profile form.

A telephone consultation typically takes 45 minutes to an hour including the review of  your animal profile form and video. Telephone Consultation Fee: $100.00

Fees can be arranged by using the secure “BuyNow” buttons above.  This allows you to securely pay by Credit Card, Bank Card, PayPal account and funds-transfer.  Once payment is submitted you will be redirected to our site to fill out the consultation form.  If you prefer, you can send a certified check or money order made payable to “Animal Awareness LLC.”, please use the buttons below to fill out the registartion form and mail your certified check/money order to the address listed on our contact page. Once your certified check/money order is received, your email consultation will be sent.

Most of the year, I schedule appointments within ten days.  I will do everything possible to accommodate emergencies in a timely manner. Several times a year, I travel abroad to give seminars and clinics.  I apologize in advance if this causes any delay for you.

Animal Wellness offers follow-up services as part of our commitment to the long-term health and well being of your animal. The cost of follow-up calls is $50 for 30 minutes and can be scheduled by filling out the registration form.

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