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Canine Package 3 on DVD

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Canine Package 3 on DVD More Details

DOG PACKAGE 3 - Hardcopy DVD

For the serious animal owner willing to assist their animal in their daily wellness.


For you the type “A” animal owner, Jean-Pierre recommends you to fully expend your skills by watching and learning from the following seven mini-videos.

Videos Include on this Package DVD are:

C015 - Warm-up Massage Routine

C016 - Cool-down Massage Routine

C017 - Recuperation Massage Routine

C018 - Trouble Spot Massage routine

C019 - Anatomical Descriptions - Bones / Muscles Locator

C020 - Kinesiology of the Dog - Study of Muscles Responsible for Movement

C021 - Special Treatment - TMJ

Click on Video titles to see preview of each video

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