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Equine Package 2 - Download

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Equine Package 2 - Download More Details

HORSE PACKAGE 2 - Download

For the serious animal owner willing to assist their animal in their daily wellness.


For you who want to be an integral part of your active horse training, or to care for your aging animal with regular massage, Jean-Pierre recommends you to further develop your skill by watching and learning from the following seven mini-videos.

Videos Include in this Package are:

E008 - Hydrotherapy - Heat & cold - Ice cup massage technique

E009 - The Swelling Technique

E010 - Trigger Point Massage Technique

E011 - Stress Point Massage Technique

E012 - Origin/Insertion Massage Technique

E013 - Forty Stress Point Locator Technique

E014 - Sport Massage Routine

Click on Video titles to see preview of each video

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"Animal Awareness' goal is to provide the best animal daily care education so animal lovers can actively participate to their animal's wellbeing and optimal fitness"

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