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EBook - Canine Muscular Compensation

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EBook - Canine Muscular Compensation More Details

EBOOK - Canine Muscular Compensation

By Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt, LMT

The dog is man's best friend. Throughout the ages man has tried many breeding combination to develop great dogs. Whether for work, war or play, the dog's proximity to man's cultural evolution has made him a valuable companion. Today, due to the growing popularity of canine sports, a renewed interest in the study of locomotion and of the dog's locomotor capacities and its associated muscular and fascia compensation has become fore front news.

This present manual will give you a clear picture on this "compensatory phenomenon", how it occurs and the structures involved. This study of canine muscular and facial compensation is the result of many years of research combined with the feedback from many other veterinarians and related professionals.

This book is meant to be a manual for dog lovers, both amateurs and professionals, who have the desire to participate in the health and fitness of their canine friends. The content of this book will refine your understanding of the canine compensation phenomenon, how to recognize its symptoms and will help you make the decisions needed to participate to its improvement.

This book is a wonderful investment in your future. It provides you detailed information on all aspect of muscle compensation involved in the dog's locomotion. In time, the knowledge gained from this manual will allow you to increase your understanding of the dog locomotion, improve your palpation skills and your finesse of muscular tension evaluation.

This in turn will help you refine your dog training and maintain him at pick performance. It will also help you better understand how the older or injured animals compensate and allow you to better care for them. This book will serve you well.

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