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EBook - Equine Temporomandibular Dysfunction Syndrome - 2nd Edition

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EBook - Equine Temporomandibular Dysfunction Syndrome - 2nd Edition More Details

EBOOK - Equine Massage for ETDS - 2nd Edition

By Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt, LMT

The temporomandibular joint, known as TMJ, plays several important functions. Everyone who rides know how important the sensitivity of the horse's mouth is. A good contact at the bit allows the rider to delicately direct the horse for good performance. An equally important factor is that the TMJ is part of the mastication apparatus of the horse and a healthy TMJ is vital for his good health. Poor performance of the temporomandibular joint will result in poor mastication and absorption of his food and its nutrients, which could lead to digestive complications. Yet, another very important factor less known to the general public is the role it plays in constantly evaluating the animal overall balance, what is known as proprioception. As much as this TMJ condition is seen more rarely with horses than with humans, it usually is more severe for the horse. This is due to the fact that the horse's lower mandible is twice as long as in the human. When chewing, this extra leverage will affect the TMJ with greater force, causing more severe damage to the structure. This unique book brings you knowledge of:

• The structures involved - bones, nerves, vessels, muscles.

• The different stages of the ETDS evolution - acute, sub-caute & chronic.

• Precious information on early symptoms as well as for the more chronic cases.

• Excellent massage routines and techniques for each stage.

• Stretching exercises & hydrotherapy tips.

All this precious information is not found anywhere else. It helps all animal lovers, whether amateur or professional, develop their skills and confidence. In time, the knowledge gained from this manual will allow you to, in a natural way, actively prevent this condition and participate in the recovery of a horse already afflicted with ETDS. Early detection helps you get the most of your animal’s well being, as well as saving on recovery time, not to mention money.

This Second Edition brings new information pertaining to the evaluation, the palpation and the massage of the hyoideus bone apparatus, of the fascia of the floor of the mouth and the various muscles connected to this important and busy area.

This new information will further improve on your skills as an equine massage therapist to detect, prevent and cure any related TMJ dysfunction syndrome symptoms.

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