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Download Package - Troubleshooting Your Dog

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Download Package - Troubleshooting Your Dog More Details

EBook - Troubleshooting Your Dog - The Ultimate Canine Fitness Evaluation Guide & Companion DVD Download

By Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt, LMT

In the Zip file you will receive a .mobi, .epub, .pdf for the eBook and .mp4 for video.  The zip file is large, please allow adequate time to download.


The information contained in this expert book will help you develop your visual evaluation ability and improve your palpation skills. It will enhance your self-confidence in identifying the weak and strong areas of your dog, so you can enhance your dog’s quality of life.

Identify the weak & strong areas of your dog!

The Visual Evaluation Program (VEP) and the 25-point Palpation Evaluation Program (PEP) routines will allow you to identify the tight muscles, the trigger points and stress points of your dog, or of any dog for that matter, regardless of its age, breed, and condition or activity level - anywhere and anytime. These programs will assist you in increasing your dog’s quality of life while minimizing the risk of injury for your dog.

This knowledge will serve you for life!

The Troubleshooting section, with close to 100 common problems, will assist you to both recognize any potential underlying problems and identify the action to take!

The Video file will be emailed within 48 hrs.

Video Download

Troubleshooting Your Dog - The Ultimate Canine Fitness Evaluation Guide
Companion DVD

The visual guidance provided by this DVD will assist dog owners, trainers and animal health care professionals of all disciplines in learning and developing the hands-on skills presented in the book "Troubleshooting Your Dog, The Ultimate Canine Fitness Evaluation Guide." It will improve your performance and enhance your relationship with your dog.

Part 1 - Preparation
Part 2 - The Visual Evaluation Program (VEP)
Part 3 - The Palpation Evaluation Program (PEP)
Part 4 - Troubleshooting Your Dog: A Quick Reference Guide


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